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2010 South Dakota Hall of Fame Inductee
Gerald E. "Jerry" Ochs - Aberdeen, SD
  • Aberdeen Central High School “Golden Eagle” Football Team “Tri-Captain” 1954.
  • 1955 “Co-Captain” of CHS “Eagle” Track & Field team
  • Started “Strength Training” in 1957 while stationed at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa.
  • Entered first AAU/SD “Olympic Weightlifting” contest at Deadwood, SD, in 1963.
  • Won AAU-USA “Olympic Weightlifting” Championships in SD, ND, MN, Montana,Nebraska and Colorado.
  • Meet Director for several AAU/YMCA SD & Regional Olympic Weightlifting contests.
  • Won Region 11 & 6 AAU-USA “Olympic Weightlifting” Championships in 148 lb. Class.
  • Elected to SD-AAU Weightlifting “Hall-of Fame” in 1978. (Source; Aberdeen American News, Dec. 24, 1878.
  • Selected as “AAU-SD Olympic Weightlifter of the Year” in 1979.
  • Holds oldest record in Olympic Weightlifting history with a Two-Hand Snatch of 195 lbs. in 148 lb. Class set in 1967.
  • Served as AAU-SD Weightlifting Chairperson for several terms in the ‘70’s.
  • Entered first Powerlifting contest in 1966 at Estes Park, Colorado, AAU-USA Championships (Meet Director’s, Mabel & Perry Rader; order of lifts were Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift: RAW !!!!! 1st Place.
  • Won AAU-USA Powerlifting championships South Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota.
  • Host of several SD Open and Regional AAU/YMCA PL Contests in Aberdeen, SD. Meet Director.
  • Joined ADFPLA/USAPL in mid-1990’s (??)
  • Won USAPL contests in SD, MN, Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado, @165/181 Lb. Classes.
  • Won USAPL “Master’s “Best Lifter” Awards in SD, Nebraska, and Iowa.
  • Won USAPL National “Masters” Championships with six (6) Gold Medals.
  • Placed second in USAPL National “Masters” Championships with two (2) Silver Medals.
  • Holds four National USAPL “Masters” meet records set in 2003, Dallas, TX. at USAPL National “Life-Time Drug Free” Championships. (Age 66; 165 lb. Class)
  • At one time, set over 40 USAPL-SD “Master’s SD State records.
  • Ranked first in the Nation by USAPL in Master’s Division/Weight Class in 2003, 2004, 2006 & 2007.
  • Won “Mr. Aberdeen” contest (lightweight) in 1985, ’86, ’87.
  • Won various NPC contests in Aberdeen, Rapid City, Watertown, Brookings, & Minneapolis.
  • Won “Best Poser” award in Rapid City, SD, in 1997 at the ANBC South Dakota Natural Bodybuilding Championships.
  • Won “Mr. Mid-states” over 40 at age 53 in Minneapolis, MN. In 1991. Placed 4th in the Lightweight Division over 8 contestants.
  • While a Senior at Aberdeen Central High, coached Jr. High Basketball at Sacred Heart.
  • Was strength training coach at Aberdeen Central High from 1982 to 1999. (Retired in ’99)
  • Opened and supervised CHS weightroom to students and “general public” (tax payers) from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. every night from 1982 to 2006.
  • Have given strength - training workshops at request of area coaches in Howard, SD, Faulkton, SD, Aberdeen, SD, as well as local schools, YMCA, NSU, etc.
  • During 1960’s to ‘80’s hosted several (??) local, State & Regional AAU-SD contests.
  • Served as USAPL-SD “Records Chairperson” for several years.
  • Led the drive to establish the SD-USAPL “Hall of Fame” awards.
  • Chairperson of SD-USAPL “Hall of Fame” Nominations Committee.
Community Service:
  • Served in United States Air Force from 1955 to 1959 (Active) & 1959 to 1963 (Reserve).
  • President of Aberdeen Family YMCA Board of Directors from 1978 to 1981. During my leadership, the “Y” Board established the first health club for WOMEN in the area. We also negotiated with the Public School Board to open all gyms in Aberdeen on Saturday mornings in order to better serve the young people and parents of the community.
  • Served on the Aberdeen Public School Board from 1999 to 2002. As Vice President, the Boardpassed a $27 million bond issue for the building of a new Central High School, and the updating of all elementary and middle schools in the district.
  • Served on various committees for the Aberdeen-Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • As Audio-Visual Aids Director for the Aberdeen Public Schools, established the first East River “Public Access” Cable TV channel, School Dist.#32 Cable TV, Cable Channel 7, in 1973.
  • Earned B.S. Degree in 1969 from Northern State Teachers College with majors in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, + Busibess Education. Also earned graduate credits in Physiology, Human Anatomy, and Mechanics of Physical Activity from NSU. Worked toward Master’s Degree at U. of Wisconsin, Stout, with major in Audio Visual Communications.
  • Earned other Graduate credits from Saint Cloud State U, MN., Colorado State U. and NSU.
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