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2009 South Dakota Hall of Fame Inductee
Larry Robinson - Pierre, SD
  1. Began Olympic Weightlifting in the 1967 at the age of 13.
  2. Currently holds 32 SD State records on Olympic Lifting in weight classes 148 through 242!!
  3. Is one of two SD lifters who has won Championships in Local, State, Regional, and National contests in Olympic lifting, Bodybuilding, and Powerlifting.
  4. Has sponsored and hosted a "multitude" of contests in SD, in Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and Bodybuilding.
  5. Has competed in six (6) USAPL National "Master's" Championships.
  6. Past AAU-SD Powerlifting Chairman.
These are only 6 of Larry's accomplishments of 13 listed. You can review the others upon receipt of same.
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